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In Private Practice in California Since 1996.

Claudia Miles Claudia Miles, MA, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles, who has been in private practice since 1996 and licensed since 2001. Claudia works with individuals, teens and couples, and is highly experienced in working with addictions, depression, teen issues and grief and loss, as well as effective communication and mid-life issues. Claudia is well known for her specialized knowledge and work with body-focused repetitive disorders (BFRD), which include trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), skin picking and nail biting. Click on "Articles" to learn more.

Claudia's style is best described as holistic: She views symptoms as a way the psyche is letting us know something is wrong, and that true healing--which includes symptomatic relief-- occurs only when symptoms are explored and listened to. Her work is informed by Self Psychology, Mindfulness Practice, and Depth Psychotherapy, as well as Cognitive-Behavioral techniques, though her primary style of working is Existential-Humanistic, meaning she focuses on the here and now, and supports the client in learning to listen to and trust their own inner voice.

Claudia devotes a portion her practice to working with clients who suffer from body-focused repetitive behaviors, such as hair pulling and skin picking, behaviors, it should be noted, which are self-soothing as opposed to (intentionally) self-harming. She has developed a theory that TTM is quite similar to an addiction, a view which can provide a built-in map for recovery. To read about her view on TTM as an addiction, see the Articles page for reprints of two articles on the topic which were printed in "In Touch", The Trichotillomania Learning Center's newsletter. She had worked with over 150 clients with these issues and has spoken at conferences all over the country. Her work also includes helping clients get to a place where they feel ready and willing to face an issue that often feels shameful, not to mention "impossible" to deal with. Click here to read Claudia's bio

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